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Welcome to the Avondale Elementary School District application system. You can click on any job title below for more information. To begin a new application, you can click the "Apply" icon next to the job title you are interested in. After your information is complete and you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

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CERTIFIED: Teacher, Dean, Master Teacher, Certified Support
CLASSIFIED: School support, Clerical, M&O, Nutrition, Transportation, IT, Classified Exempt
SUBSTITUTE: Substitute Teacher
ADMINISTRATIVE: Asst. Superintendent, Exec. Director, Principal, Director, Coordinator
ATHLETICS: Director, Coordinator, Coach, Scorekeeper, and Physical Clinic Support
SUPPLEMENTAL: Stipend and Extra Duty Pay positions for Internal Employees only





Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
8th Grade Teacher - ELA SY 2018/201908/17/2018CertifiedCenterra Mirage SchoolApply
ELA Curriculum Steering Committee - SY 2018/201908/15/2018CertifiedVarious LocationsApply
Math Curriculum Steering Committee - SY 2018/201908/15/2018CertifiedVarious LocationsApply
8th Grade Teacher - ELA SY 2018/201908/15/2018CertifiedDesert Thunder SchoolApply
Title 1 Tutors (Internal Only) - Michael Anderson School08/14/2018CertifiedMichael Anderson SchoolApply
K/1 Teacher - Wildflower - SY 2018/201908/13/2018CertifiedWildflower SchoolApply
Kindergarten Teacher - Desert Thunder - SY 2018/201908/13/2018CertifiedDesert Thunder SchoolApply
Crosswalk Guard (Ongoing) SY 18/1908/10/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Bus Aide (Part Time)08/09/2018ClassifiedTransportationApply
Math Steering Committee Curriculum Coordinator - 18/1908/08/2018SupplementalDistrict OfficeApply
HVAC Technician08/07/2018ClassifiedMaintenance & OperationsApply
VEX Robotics JV Coach - SY 18/1908/01/2018SupplementalMultiple SitesApply
VEX Robotics Varsity Coach - SY 18/1908/01/2018SupplementalMultiple SitesApply
Social Skills Teacher/GAT Coordinator - Lattie Coor SY 2018/201907/31/2018CertifiedLattie Coor SchoolApply
iTeachAZ Mentor Teacher (Internal Only) SY 2018/201907/31/2018SupplementalVarious LocationsApply
Food Services Clerk - PT (Ongoing posting)07/11/2018ClassifiedFood ServicesApply
VEX Robotics District Lead - SY 18/1907/01/2018SupplementalMultiple SitesApply
ACE - Community Education Instructional Assistant06/20/2018ClassifiedCommunity EducationApply
ACE Preschool Instructional Assistant06/20/2018ClassifiedCommunity EducationApply
PDG Preschool Instructional Assistant06/20/2018ClassifiedCommunity EducationApply
Paraprofessional (Student Specific 1on1, Library Assistant, Interventionist)SY18/1906/20/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Physical Exam Worker (Internal Only) 18/19 SY06/13/2018AthleticsVarious LocationsApply
Official Book and Score Keeper (Internal Only) 18/19 SY06/13/2018AthleticsMultiple SitesApply
On-site Athletic Coordinator (Internal Only) 18/19 SY06/13/2018AthleticsMultiple SitesApply
Green Team Sponsor- STAR SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalSTAR AcademyApply
Green Team Sponsor- Wildflower SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalWildflower SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Michael Anderson SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalMichael Anderson SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Lattie Coor SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalLattie Coor SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Eliseo C. Felix SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalEliseo C. Felix SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Desert Thunder SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalDesert Thunder SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Desert Star SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalDesert Star SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Copper Trails SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalCopper Trails SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Centerra Mirage SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalCenterra Mirage SchoolApply
Green Team Sponsor- Avondale Middle SY 18/1906/12/2018SupplementalAvondale Middle SchoolApply
Athletics Volunteer Coach 18/19 SY06/12/2018AthleticsMultiple SitesApply
Substitute Bus Aide - SY18/1906/12/2018ClassifiedTransportationApply
K-8 After School Tutoring06/07/2018SupplementalCopper Trails SchoolApply
Custodian - SY18/1906/04/2018ClassifiedMaintenance & OperationsApply
Paraprofessional Emergency Substitute SY18/1905/29/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Substitute Teachers - SY18/1905/25/2018SubstituteMultiple SitesApply
Playworks Recess Coach (2.5 hrs daily)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Substitute Bus Driver - SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedTransportationApply
Lunch Duty Aide (2.25 hrs daily)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Behavior Intervention Specialist (Part Time)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Behavior Intervention Specialist - SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedSTAR AcademyApply
Paraprofessional SPED (Self-Contained Classroom)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedMultiple SitesApply
Bus Driver (Full-time)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedTransportationApply
Certified Occupational Therapy Assist. (COTA) SY 2018/201905/25/2018CertifiedMultiple SitesApply
Occupational Therapist - SY 2018/201905/25/2018CertifiedTBDApply
Bus Driver(Part Time)SY18/1905/25/2018ClassifiedTransportationApply